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Teaching Tours working with the energies of the Land
with Paul McCarthy

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Paul MCarthy

Paul McCarthy is a leading new age author, teacher and channel. He is  an international workshop leader having given over 200 workshops in the US and Europe over the last 10 years. 

Energies of the Land

We have the ability to recognise, access and interact with the different energies that exist in places. If we go the right places these experiences can be powerful and also allows us to have spiritual experiences in more physical ways when compared to other more remote new age energetic practices. In addition we can share the exact energies that our ancestors and the spiritual masters did in past times. This connects us to the past and sometimes to our own past life times which is deeply personal. 


I am offering to train others how to recognise these different energies and how to engage with them so that we receive their assistance. 

*How to find Hot Spots and why they exist.
*What different styles of energies exist and how they benefit us.
*How to sensitise yourself to land energies so that your ability to read them is greatly increased.
*How to approach Sacred Sites in order to work with the energies

These skills can be used anywhere you want to use them in the world. The training will take place outside on a 1 day Tour of some special energetic places in Southern England. 


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