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Energies of the Land

In every location on Earth there are rich and diverse mixtures of energies. In some locations these energies are very special and can help us with healing, spiritual growth and connect us to other realms, dimensions and locations (Portals). Which energies exist in any one location depend on the existence of energy lines, ley lines, what minerals and crystals are present there, what kind of elemental activity is present there as well as the influences of local water deposits above or below ground in that location.
We have the ability to recognise, access and interact with the different energies that exist in places. If we go the right places these experiences can be powerful and also allows us to have spiritual experiences in more physical ways when compared to other more remote new age energetic practices. In addition we can share the exact energies that our ancestors and the spiritual masters did in past times. This connects us to the past and sometimes to our own past life times which is deeply personal. 


 I am offering to train others how to recognise these different energies and how to engage with them so that we receive their assistance.

*How to find Hot Spots and why they exist. *What different styles of energies and how they benefit us.
*How to sensitise yourself to land energies so that your ability to read them is greatly increased.
*How to approach Sacred Sites in order to work with the energies. 

These skills can be used anywhere you want to use them in the world. The training will take place outside on a 1 day Tour of some special energetic places in Southern England. A seat on an Executive Mini Bus will be provided for you.  The Tour includes written training notes as well as free access to Stonehenge. The content and most locations of this tour are unique and you will not access these with any other tour. My tour is designed to be profound, educational and enjoyable. 

1 day Tour 1st July 2017

Depart and Return from central London

Saturday 1st July 2017 8.30am – 7.45pm

1st Stop Stonehenge – To learn how to approach sacred sites and to work with their energies

2nd Stop Winchester area – To work with the ancient and mythical energies of Albion, King Alfred the Great and King Arthur

3rd Stop Brighton – to interact with the amazing healing energies and to connect to the link to Atlantis 

  Booking your Tour 

There are only 15 places available with this tour and participants need to book their place well in advance. Places will be booked on a “first come first served basis”. The cost of the tour is £140.00. To book your place you need to make a payment first which you do by using the paypal button below. 

Why Southern England?

The great Ley Line of St Michael runs through southern England and this area is the site of an Earth chakra. This is one reason why so many world famous sacred sites and amazing spiritual places exist here such as Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury and well as a great concentration of crop circles. Where else can you access so many sites within a 40 mile radius?! 

Your New Age Holiday

You may well want to include this tour with your own visits to the other great spiritual location such as Glastonbury, Avebury and the Crop Circles. In this way you could enjoy two trips in one visit.  Although I am not organising any other tours I am happy to give advice to any participant of my tour wanting to arrange something like this for them self.

Preparing for the Tour

It is a good idea to sensitise yourself to land energies before you come so that you may get the most out of the tour. To help you with this I have designed a small collection of attuned crystals that you can work with which will help you with this.  The crystals include the energies of Machu Pichu, Glastonbury, Carnac, Luxor, Chichen Itza and Sedona. The cost is an additional £25 and these need to be sent to you before the Tour. 


1 Day Tour & Training


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